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How to cite this site

If you use the data on this site and in particular if you use our visualizations, please, do not forget to cite us in the following way:

[LvS01] O. Labs, D. van Straten. The Cubic Surface Homepage. University of Mainz (2001) www.CubicsAlgebraicSurface.net

For scientific publications, you might prefer the LaTeX code for this:

[LvS01] O. Labs, D. van Straten. \emph{The Cubic Surface Homepage}. University of Mainz (2001) {\tt www.Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net}

Here is the corresponding BibTeX entry:

author = {O. Labs and D. van Straten},
title = {{The Cubic Surface Homepage}},
address = {University of Mainz},
year = {2001},
note = {{\tt www.Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net}}