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Literature and Links

Many papers, textbooks, and websites have appeared on the subject of cubic surfaces.

For the images and results presented on this website the most important articles are:

  • J.W. Bruce / C.T.C. Wall: On the Classification of Cubic Surfaces. J. Lond. Math. Soc., II. ser., 19, p. 245-259 (1979)
  • H. Kn?rrer / T. Miller: Topologische Typen reeller kubischer Fl?chen. Mathematische Zeitschrift 195, p. 51-67 (1987)
  • L. Schl?fli: On the Distribution of Surfaces of the Third Order into Species, in Reference to the Presence of Absence of Singular Points and the Reality of their Lines. Philos. Trans. Royal Soc., CLIII, p. 193-241 (1863)

Oliver Labs's diploma thesis (in German) contains a large bibliography. We hope to extend it in the near future. Please, contact us if you are aware of a paper, textbook, or website that should be listed here. Thank you!