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Our Visualization Tools

xcsprg --- visualizing cubic surfaces which arise as the blowup of the plane in six real points. This tool grew out of the diploma thesis of Oliver Labs under the direction of Duco van Straten.
>>> download and documentation

surfex --- an interactive tool for visualizing real algebraic geometry. For producing high quality images it uses surf (by S. Endrass and others). For triangulated previews it uses the LSMP (by R. Morris) together with JavaView. You can use surfex directly in your browser.
>>> web-demo, download and documentation

surfex.lib --- a Singular interface for surfex which adds some functionality. E.g. it can also visualize surfaces with real 1-dimensional components which are not contained in the real 2-dimensional part of the surface (such as the handle of the whitney umbrella or the parabola of the swallowtail surface).
>>> not available for download yet. Contact us if you are interested.