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Raytracers usually visualize singular surfaces with a very high quality. Problems will only be caused by real solitary points (they look like x2+y2+z2=0) or real solitary curves (e.g. the handle of the Whitney umbrella).

Two raytracers which do this job very well are:

  • surf --- a raytracer specialized on algebraic surfaces. It is very fast. This is the reason why we use it as the basis for our tool surfex.
  • POV-Ray --- a general purpose raytracer. It has many fancy features such as textures, mirrors, ...

Another strategy of visualization is triangulation. This has the advantage that once the triangulation is computed, it is easy to rotated the surface. One can even produce real-world 3d-models out of plaster or metal from such data.

Unfortunately, until now, all existing triangulation programs are far from perfect.
To our knowledge, the currently best one is Morris's asurf from the LSMP.