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The Cubic Surface Homepage

Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net is back online! For some strange reason my former domain cubicsurface.net had to move to: Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Cubic surfaces are among the most classical objects of algebraic geometry.

This site provides pictures, movies, tools, information, links, etc., on this beautiful subject. Use the icons above to navigate through these pages.

>>> Here is our favourite gallery!
>>> Our favourite movies are those on the deformations of the three-cuspidal cubic surface.

Not only the design of Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net has experienced a facelift, but also the content! E.g., the pictures have now lines which are colored according to their multiplicity!

You may use the data on this website for non-commercial purposes. In particular, you may include the pictures in scientific publications or use the movies for a scientific talk.
But, please, do not forget to cite Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net. And we are very happy to receive a short e-mail indicating which data you used for which purpose. Thanks!

We are looking forward to receiving any kind of feedback, either positive or negative. We know that a lot of information is missing on these pages --- we will be pleased to give you the possibility to publish your knowledge here.

We hope you like these pages,

Oliver Labs for Cubics.AlgebraicSurface.net

P.S.: Sorry that it took me so long to publish this new version of the site which hopefully contains more information and fewer bugs than the previous one... Oliver